About SesmicShift

SesmicShift is on a mission to revolutionize business intelligence for a  data-saturated world.

The Unstructured Data Bottleneck

Every company knows that valuable insights are locked within the massive quantities of unstructured data they already possess – customer reviews, support tickets, call transcripts, social media buzz, and more. Yet, this 80% of organizational data remains largely untapped. Traditional analysis often misses the mark:

The SesmicShift Solution

We've overcome these hurdles by designing an SQL engine with native LLM support.  Business users and analysts, already experts in SQL, can now directly harness LLMs, unlocking advanced analysis previously out of reach. With SesmicShift you can issue familiar SQL commands like:

SELECT LLM(conversation, "Write the first question the client asked in the call") FROM conversations

LLMs can also be utilized for semantic filtering in search conditions:

SELECT * FROM customer_reviews WHERE LLM(review, "The user liked the product") = TRUE

Your Transformed Data, Your Way

SesmicShift unlocks new ways to transform your unstructured data for valuable insights:

The Technical Edge

Our secret sauce lies in how we marry LLMs with traditional databases. We've meticulously engineered our solution for lightning-fast responses and affordable operation.

Empowering the Insights You Always Wanted

SesmicShift isn't just about technology; it's about enabling you. We want data analysts and business users to wield the full potential of unstructured data like never before. Unlock the transformative power of AI-infused business intelligence without needing a Ph.D. in data science.

Ready to Shift?

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